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Hemp Facts

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The first pair of Levi's were made of hemp.
Woody Harrelson wore a hemp Armani tux to the Oscars.
From brownies to beer, hemp is a multi-purpose foodstuff.
You can grow hemp in 29 countries, but not in Australia or the USA.
It was a top global crop in the 16th and 17th centuries.
BMW is testing hemp for dashboards.
Rembrant and Van Gogh painted on hemp canvas.
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson farmed hemp.
The Gutenberg bible was printed on hemp paper in 1455.
Hemp paper lasted up to 100 times longer than papyrus.
Birds - wild and domestic - love hemp seed.
Hemp is used in sneakers sold by Adidas.
In 1001 Nights, Aladdin's lamp burned hemp seed oil.



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