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The so-called "War on Drugs" is costing American taxpayers...

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The Libertarian Party

Ending the War on Drugs

The so-called "War on Drugs" is costing American taxpayers billions of dollars, endangering our children, eroding the protections of the Bill of Rights, creating enormous profits for drug dealers, and corrupting our police and judicial system. And it will never achieve what its supporters say they want -- a "drug-free America". It's time to end this failed "war".

Some people will always make bad choices about using drugs, whether they are legal or illegal. Alcohol, tobacco, and other legal drugs cause more health problems than all the illegal drugs put together.

But prohibition is no cure, because it is worse than the disease. America's previous "war on drugs" -- alcohol Prohibition -- also led to an increase in violent crime and ended as a failure. New proposals to outlaw tobacco suffer the same flaw. The problems caused by misuse of drugs can be real, but they cannot be solved by the criminal justice system.

An increasing number of thoughtful Americans from all walks of life -- physicians, business people, writers, even law enforcement officials and judges -- are coming to the conclusion that the Libertarian Party's position on this issue is the correct one. It's time to repeal the laws which make drug use a crime, and dismantle the corrupt machinery of this "war".

I libertari americani la pensano così [Doctor Schultes]



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